To The Ocean  is the name of my music project.

All of the music and “content” on this website is original (to some degree). I play guitar, more notably the acoustic guitar, only for recreation and not professionally.

The acoustic guitar used in the recordings of Hyperion, Starlight High Tide, Hawaiian Skies, and Quantumburster, is a special edition guitar created by the incredibly talented Stephen Sheriff of Edwinson Guitars.  Without the right instrument, the voice of creativity would probably only be a thought without words, and I thank Mr. Sheriff for creating such a beautiful instrument.

All of my pieces have a personal meaning to me, as should every piece of art, and all or most of the meaning is either described or hinted to on the “music” page.







I thank you for visiting here, and also for hopefully listening to and enjoying some of the music.  It’s simple, fun, and absolutely under-funded.  Enjoy.