“To the Ocean and Back” is the name of my music project.

All of the music and “content” on this website is original, the former being composed and recorded in the strictly regimented and bare-knuckle fashion of “in my free time.”  I play guitar, more notably the acoustic guitar, only for recreation and not professionally.

The guitar you see on the homepage, and the one used in the recordings of “Hyperion” and “Starlight High Tide”, is a special edition guitar created by the incredibly talented Stephen Sheriff of Edwinson Guitars.  Without the right instrument, the voice of creativity would probably only be a thought without words, and I thank Mr. Sheriff for creating such a beautiful instrument.

All of my pieces have a personal meaning to me, as should every piece of art, and all or most of the meaning is either described or hinted to on the “music” page.

I thank you for visiting here, and also for hopefully listening to and enjoying some of the music.  It’s simple, fun, and absolutely under-funded.  Enjoy.


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